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Name£º ¡¡QSi3-1 silicon bronze rods
Model£º ¡¡QSi3-1
Brand£º ¡¡Bronze category
Standard£º ¡¡GB/T5231-2001

Executive Standard: QSi3-1 silicon bronze (GB / T5231-2001).

Plus manganese silicon bronze. High strength, elasticity and abrasion resistance, plastic, still not become brittle at low temperatures; can be good with the bronze, steel and other alloy welding, brazing especially good; corrosion in the atmosphere, freshwater and seawater high,
Chloride, caustic soda for a few roles are very stable; can well withstand cold, hot pressure processing, heat treatment can enhance, usually used in the annealed and work-hardened state, then there Heights yield strength and elasticity.


QSi3-1 silicon bronze important parts in the machinery industry and other sectors, mechanical, chemical, petroleum, shipbuilding and other industries have been widely used.


Complete rods, plates, pipes and other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

The main physical parameters:

Tensile strength (¦Òb / MPa): 490

Elongation (¦Ä5 /£¥): ¡İ13

Elongation (¦Ä10 /£¥): ¡İ10

Chemical composition:
Cu: margin
Si: 2.7-3.5
Fe: 0.3
Pb: 0.03
Zn: 0.5
Ni: 0.2
Mn: 1.0-1.5
Impurities: 1.1

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